Announcing the WearableC64 project


The aim of this project is to get a Commodore 64 emulator running on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, to enter in the Samsung Gear App Challenge.  Application submission needs to happen by 17th July 2014.   This device only provides an HTML5 Javascript API, with no C++ native API support exposed, so the emulator will need to be Javascript based.


Some options:

For any of these approaches, the emulator would be writing to a WebGL back-buffer.

One major design consideration is the gesture input handling.   Due to the small screen-size, the gestures cannot be subtle.   We’re probably stuck with swipes up, down, left, right and tap.    So the game(s) we choose need to have very simple controls.

There is some prior art on the original Galaxy Gear, showing that 8-bit emulation on  watches is possible (and a great fit for the screen resolution).

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